Friday, December 10, 2010

Episode 66 - Spare the Snark, Save the Cheerleader

After months of invoking its name as an example of pure cinematic ineptitude, Nick and I finally revisit, for your listening pleasure, Chris Columbus' 2009 offering "I Love You, Beth Cooper". In a shocking (including to myself) turn of events, I end up rather fond of the film this go-round, while Nick still errs on the side of its failings. The ensuing discussion includes the film's place in the pantheon of teen movie-dom, its ever-adorable leading lady, and the perils of adapting one's own novel for the screen. Plus, we get a jump on a future look at one of John Hughes' classic works! Believe it or not, it's already another instance of "The Best/WORST Movie of All-Time!".

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