Friday, November 19, 2010

Episode 65 - Something in My Front Pocket

Our beloved hold music gets the workout of its life this week as Nick and I duke it out with the forces of technological upfuckery in a bid to bring you a discussion of my new job, the recently released "Green Lantern" trailer, and as seems to be a new tradition, more superhero movie casting news. Plus, Nick issues a challenge to an inanimate object! (Oh, and the word I was looking for: indictment.)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Episode 64 - The Great Wizard Posehn

We've thrilled you with "The Best Movie of All-Time!"; made you feel our rage and disappointment with "The WORST Movie of All-Time!"...but sometimes, just one of those monikers isn't enough, leading to our rarest sub-series, "The Best/WORST Movie of All-Time!". Used only once to date (see Episode 19), this descriptor is the only one fit to describe our reaction to 1997's oft-forgotten "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie"! Lend us your ears as the chat covers my near-encyclopedic knowledge of the "Power Rangers" universe, our lament over the death of Saturday mornings, and our love for TV's Bulk and Skull. Once you do, we're sure you'll say, "...UUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHAAHHHHUUUUGGHHAUUGHHHH!!!"

Friday, November 5, 2010

Episode 63 - With Great Alcohol...

Following the rousing story of Nick's recent brush with fame, our latest conversation devolves into a series of pop culture rants by yours truly, with topics including a special screening of the ultimate cult classic film, the unceremonious cancellation of another great TV series, and my rage regarding the recent zombie-themed "Community" Halloween episode. Buckle up, kids. You're in for some bumpy oratory!