Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Episode 2 - The FanTIStic Trio and the Craptastic (Half) List

What luck! In my second installment, I am joined by the best pair of co-panelists a podcaster could hope for: The Brothers Siak (Jesse and Mark). We discuss the first half of Entertainment Weekly's 1000th issue lists of the Top New Classics of the past 25 years, and realize their utter lack of journalistic integrity.

Originally this was meant to be the first part of a two-part episode, but due to the fact that I have a PC and not a Mac, something went wrong, and the final 45 minutes are no more. The hilarity that you missed includes:
  • The book, fashion, video game, theatre, and new technology lists.
  • Mark getting distracted by a nearby issue of Playboy, thus leading to a long discussion of nipple preferences and the almighty landing strip.
  • The birth of my new (probably official) sign-off line.

And now, for some retractions, amendments, etc.:

  • I went to the Entertainment Weekly website, where their lack of mentioning the lists' cutoff dates makes the whole affair even more suspect.
  • The film "Amadeus" was released in 1984. Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus" was released in 1985, and it has been confirmed that the music video was inspired by (while obviously not directly related to) the film.
  • One of the key moments lost in the technical mishap was a discussion of the magazine's blurb on "Super Mario World" in which the trusted, highly reputable publication attempted to claim that it was not only the first game in which the mustachioed plumber had flight ability, but that it was his first appearance in a video game...EVER. For shame, EW.


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Now, go experience seven days.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Episode 1 - Talkin' It Up

In my first podcast...EVER...I find myself left to my own devices, in what is essentially just a test run.

Topics in this edition include:
*My longtime podcasting dream being fulfilled
*My love for "Doctor Who"
*My unorthodox love for WWE
*A strange dream from the previous night, including one of my most obscure fears being realized

Going back and listening to the finished product, I feel it important to make a few amendments, retractions, and other such post-show whatnot:

  • I think it's pretty much a given that I need to practice not saying "uh" or "um" every five words.
  • In the same vein, I need to slow down, no matter how passionate I may be about a topic.
  • I'd like to apologize about my rant about prescription drugs. As I vaguely stated in said rant, I was speaking solely with regard to myself. I understand that some medications really do help some people, but seeing some of the negative effects they've had on some of my closest friends and family, I refuse to ever allow myself to be sold on the concept.
  • There are a lot of incomplete thoughts in this episode, because I have a tendency to go on brief tangents and completely lose my place. Maybe with a guest or with some solo practice, I can focus better.
  • The sound levels are still a bit wonky, but it's a work in progress.
  • The ending line was unfortunate, but my brain just went dead...then again, such a thing sort of fits into the theme of the podcast, so I suppose it's vaguely excusable...for now.


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Later, folks.