Thursday, December 24, 2009

Episode 22 - A Little Yuletide Fear

With fondest holiday wishes, we present the next collaborative effort of "The Original Unoriginal Podcast" and its fabulous spinoff "Cinemantics"! In this episode, Nick and I celebrate the season with murder and mayhem, courtesy of the 2005 comedy-horror classic "Santa's Slay". There's B-list stars, delicious one-liners, and tragic destruction of just can't miss in what could be "The Best Movie of All-Time"! As an added O.U.P.-only bonus, stay tuned after the movie discussion for a brief (and slightly unfulfilling) trip down memory lane as we look back at a few of the best holiday-themed television episodes. Gather the family for a bloody good time!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Episode 21 - Metal + Full of Holes = Holey

At last, the backlogs are clear as Nick and I take you back to Halloween weekend when we sat down to discuss Joel Schumacher's controversial (to nerds, anyway) 1995 film "Batman Forever". To be fair, the movie in question doesn't get as much play as an analysis of the Batman film franchise in general, but there's no doubt that this may be "The Best Movie of All-Time!".

Friday, December 18, 2009

Episode 20 - Mike's Hard Year That Was

It's the last conversation of the year, and Nick and I set out to recall all the notable gans that were shenannied in 2009 (Obama, Jacko, etc.)...but, as usual, we get sidetracked imagining different casts for classic movies, going off on a very fitting rant about that oft-discussed television pastime of mine, and ruminating on a recent motion picture re-title that can only (fittingly) be called...a Cop Out. Plus, alcoholic cider, crackers, and delicious cheese!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Episode 19 - The Big Rock Candy Mountain

How outdated is this episode?--To wit, it has been almost two months since Nick and I got some wild hairs in certain places and decided to discuss WWE Films' 2006 theatrical offering "The Marine". In the course of said discussion, we note this film's ridiculous wealth of explosions, its relation to action films of the past and future, and one of the BEST kills in any movie EVER. Plus, inexplicable/terrible attempts at comedy!--Not by us, mind you. They're all found in this, the first instance of "The Best/Worst Movie of All-Time!".

Friday, December 4, 2009

Episode 18 - Just Like Mariska Hargitay

It's almost another Drunkisode...but only almost, as Nick and I return to the porch for a discussion of America's love/hate relationship with "Glee", our disgust at the continued existence/success of the "Twilight" franchise, and the season's new televised comedy gems.