Thursday, December 24, 2009

Episode 22 - A Little Yuletide Fear

With fondest holiday wishes, we present the next collaborative effort of "The Original Unoriginal Podcast" and its fabulous spinoff "Cinemantics"! In this episode, Nick and I celebrate the season with murder and mayhem, courtesy of the 2005 comedy-horror classic "Santa's Slay". There's B-list stars, delicious one-liners, and tragic destruction of just can't miss in what could be "The Best Movie of All-Time"! As an added O.U.P.-only bonus, stay tuned after the movie discussion for a brief (and slightly unfulfilling) trip down memory lane as we look back at a few of the best holiday-themed television episodes. Gather the family for a bloody good time!

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David Steiman said...

Just listened to "A Little Yuletide Fear." You guys absolutely made my day!