Friday, October 22, 2010

Episode 62 - Tumbleweeds of the Apocalypse

Concluding an unintentional zombie-themed month of "The Best Movie(s) of All-Time!", we come to my favorite zombie comedy (of the two; Sorry, "Shaun of the Dead", you know where we stand) 2009's "Zombieland"! Nick joins me for a look at the film's unspeakably amazing cameo, its novel approach to survival, and its standing as the birthplace of my adoration of Emma Stone. Plus, a reminder of why Entertainment Weekly is a terrible, TERRIBLE publication.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Episode 60 - Zombedians of Zombedy

We can't believe it ourselves, but we've already discovered another instance of "The WORST Movie of All-Time!". You'd think the 2007 zombie western comedy "Undead or Alive" would be made of awesome (or at least campy fun) with that insane menage-a-trois of genres in the till...but sadly, YOU'D BE WRONG. Nick and I try to figure out exactly what went wrong with a film that boasts a cast of comedy favorites, a dreamy leading man, and zombie makeup effects that are second-to-few. Lend us your brains (if you dare) for this direct-to-DVD disappointment!